Some Of The Worst Habits For Teeth

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You use your teeth to help you chew, speak, and smile. The health of your mouth is important, so avoid some of these habits which can harm teeth. Soda is full of acids and sugars which can decay tooth enamel. Avoid sipping soda constantly throughout the day. If you participate in contact sports or even… Read more »

Halitosis a.k.a. Bad Breath

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No one likes bad breath. It can be masked by popping a mint in your mouth, chewing flavored gum, or swishing some mouthwash. Though these solutions provide temporary help, they cannot solve problems if bad breath is chronic. What Causes Bad Breath? Bad breath is also known by its medical name as halitosis. There are… Read more »

A New Year For Dental Health

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It is a common myth that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Studies have shown that it actually takes more than two months of constant attention and repetition to form a habit. With a consistent effort, you can successfully develop habits that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. There is no better time… Read more »

Dreaming of a White Smile

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This is the time of year that many of us are “Dreaming of a White Christmas”, but many of us are also dreaming of a white smile as well. There are a number of different approaches that people take in order to achieve a beautiful, whiter smile with various teeth whitening techniques. However, we encourage… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving From Scott M. Healey Dentistry

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With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, we have been spending extra time appreciating the people and things that we are thankful for here at the office of Scott M. Healey Dentistry We are thankful to be able to know each and every one of our patients. We appreciate your kind words and friendship, your ongoing support, and all the referrals we… Read more »

Dental Veneers in Lindon, Utah

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Do you ever wonder how Hollywood celebrities have such beautiful, perfect smiles? We’ll let you in on a secret: not many people are born with a smile like that. However, you too can achieve a beautiful smile with the help of veneers from Scott M. Healey, DMD. Dental veneers can restore the appearance of a… Read more »

Teeth Trivia Quiz

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Do you think you know all about teeth? See if you can get 100% on our Teeth quiz! Free game created for free on by TheDentist Now that you’ve taken the quiz, how did you do? For some more information about teeth, check out our dental faq here. Scott M. Healey, DMD is a… Read more »