How can I help my teething baby?

ThumbSuckingTeething is a sign that your child’s gums are sore; this is perfectly normal. You can help relieve this soreness by allowing the baby to suck on a teething ring, or gently rubbing your baby’s gums with the back of a small spoon, a piece of wet gauze, or even your finger.

For babies under the age of 4, teething rings and pacifiers can be safely used to facilitate the child’s oral needs for relieving gum pain and for suckling. After the age of 4, pacifiers are generally discouraged because they may interfere with the development of your child’s teeth. Thumb sucking should also be strongly discouraged because it can lead to malformed teeth that become crooked and crowded. For more information on teething, pacifiers and thumb sucking, please contact our dental office in Lindon, Utah, today. Our caring dentist and dental team at Scott M. Healey Dentistry are happy to answer your questions!