What is apicoectomy?

There are situations when root canal therapy does not completely heal the bone and tissues. Root canal therapy is typically recommended if a tooth is infected or severely injured. During root canal therapy, your gentle dentist will remove the infected and decayed dental pulp and tooth nerves. If additional infections continue to develop, or if root canal therapy does not restore the health of the tooth, Dr. Scott Healey may recommend an apicoectomy in Lindon, Utah.

Do I need an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy may be necessary to avoid having the tooth extracted. This involves a minor surgical procedure to clean and seal the end of the root. Discomfort is usually minimal and the greatest advantage is that the tooth can remain in the mouth. During an apicoectomy, Dr. Scott Healey will remove any infected tissue, as well as the last few millimeters of the root tip. He will clean and seal the end of the tooth’s canal, which prevents further infection in the future. An apicoectomy can effectively restore the health of the tooth. The process for an apicoectomy requires just one visit to Scott M. Healey Dentistry. To find out whether your smile would benefit from an apicoectomy or other endodontic treatments, we welcome you to contact us today!