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Do you know why you need to remove your wisdom teeth? Did you know that your wisdom teeth can cause you many problems for your teeth and gums? Wisdom teeth have been known to wreak havoc on oral health as they begin to appear, often because wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to appear and can cause a painful experience.

Our doctor, Dr. Scott Healey, can help you with your wisdom teeth removal in Lindon, Utah. To give you more insight on removing your wisdom teeth, our team at Scott M. Healey Dentistry is happy to share some information with you.

Here is some common information on why you should have your wisdom teeth removed:
– If your wisdom teeth fail to grow in properly or fail to fully grow in at all, visit our doctor to discuss your options for a wisdom tooth extraction.
– Wisdom teeth often cause pain and discomfort when they appear above your gum line.
– Wisdom teeth eruption can produce oral health risks, such as gum disease.
– Wisdom tooth eruption is known to cause several issues with your oral health, including problems associated with gum disease and infections. Oftentimes with wisdom teeth, your gums end up swollen and inflamed and can be vulnerable to damage.
– The process of your wisdom teeth appearing above the gums is known as eruption.

If you are ready to remove your wisdom teeth, or if you have questions about the procedure, please call us today at 801.653.0099 to make an appointment. Our team of professionals is prepared to assist you and address your questions and concerns about your wisdom teeth removal.