What is fluoride?

FluorideFluoride is generally present in most public drinking water systems. If you are unsure about your community’s water and its fluoride content, or if you learn that it has an unacceptable level of fluoride in it, there are fluoride supplements your dentist can prescribe. Your child may not be getting enough fluoride just by using fluoride toothpaste. Professional fluoride supplements are available in the form of gels, varnishes, and foams. Dr. Scott Healey, our experienced dentist, will help you determine whether your child needs treatment for supplemental fluoride in Lindon, Utah.

Do I need fluoride?

It is important that your child gets enough fluoride; fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy. Fluoride is a naturally found mineral that strengthens and rebuilds the tooth enamel that gets attacked every day by bacteria and acids from plaque and sugars. With sufficient fluoride consumption, you can help your child prevent cavities. Childhood is a crucial time for fluoride treatment – good amounts of fluoride are essential to ensuring that the permanent teeth develop and grow properly. If you have any questions about fluoride treatment or the benefits of fluoride, please contact us at Scott M. Healey Dentistry today. We are dedicated to keeping your family’s smiles healthy!