PrimaryAndPermanentTeethIt is essential that a child’s primary teeth are healthy because their development sets the stage for permanent teeth. If primary teeth become diseased or do not grow in properly, chances are greater that their permanent replacements will suffer the same fate. For example, poorly formed primary teeth that do not erupt properly could crowd out spaces reserved for other teeth. Space maintainers can sometimes be used to correct this condition, if it is spotted early enough. It is also important to treat other dental problems in primary teeth, such as tooth decay, to ensure that the permanent teeth are healthy and properly developed. We welcome you to call or visit us at Scott M. Healey Dentistry today to learn more about the important relationship between primary and permanent teeth, and to schedule your child’s visit to our dental office. Dr. Scott Healey, our friendly dentist in Lindon, Utah, and his entire dental team are committed to helping your child’s smile stay healthy.