Effective Oral Injury Prevention

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Oral injuries are more common than you may think. They occur when babies are learning to walk, kids are trying dangerous tricks, and athletes play sports. In fact, the leading kind of dental injury happens when people play high-contact sports without proper safety equipment. What can you do to prevent these injuries? The first thing… Read more »

Avoiding Certain Foods Decrease Potential Damage to Braces

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Your braces installed at in , , are an essential part of the process of correcting the alignment of your teeth. Routine adjustment sessions apply progressive tension to your teeth, gradually changing their position for a straighter smile and a healthier mouth. Maintaining the proper function of these braces throughout the process is vital as… Read more »

Some Of The Worst Habits For Teeth

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You use your teeth to help you chew, speak, and smile. The health of your mouth is important, so avoid some of these habits which can harm teeth. Soda is full of acids and sugars which can decay tooth enamel. Avoid sipping soda constantly throughout the day. If you participate in contact sports or even… Read more »