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Having a filling doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park does it? Our team is going to help put your mind at ease by showing you the basics behind what goes into dental fillings.

Fillings tend to be a common treatment option for cavities, damage or decay. They are also used to repair a crack or chipped tooth. Generally your dentist will discover the decay or damage during a cleaning examination or by viewing X-rays of your teeth.

Today there are several different filling options to consider for your tooth, some of which are made from dental amalgam or composite materials. Each of these fillings provides different advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to speak with your dentist about which option will work best for your tooth.

Did you know that dental fillings are made to last for years? There are times however, that fillings will fall out or become worn down. Make sure you are visiting with your dentist regularly; they will be able to assess your filling and decide whether or not it needs replacement.

If a filling does need replacement, your dentist will evaluate the previous filling material and see if another option would work as a better, more effective replacement.

Your teeth are our priority and we want the best for them. Please give our office a call today with any questions you may have concerning your dental appointment by calling 801.653.0099.