Root Canal Therapy: What Can You Eat?

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Have you heard that root canal therapy can save a tooth with a damaged center? If you decide avoid root canal therapy, the damaged tooth could eventually die and even fall out. Once you have root canal therapy, how should you continue to care for your teeth? More specifically, do you know what you should… Read more »

Are You a Candidate for Root Canal Microsurgery?

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As you probably know, there are a few things you should do to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Similarly, you probably know that there are a few things you should have addressed by your dentist. For instance, you may need to have a cavity filled or may even need root canal therapy—but sometimes, a… Read more »

Your Teeth: What Do They Do?

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How well do you know your smile? For instance, do you know how many teeth you have or how many teeth your children have? Could you name all four types of teeth or what each different type does? If not, you aren’t alone—but we’re here to help! Generally, every mouth has four types of teeth:… Read more »