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Within the root of each tooth is the all-important pulp. This pulp is responsible for the sensory function of your teeth as well as the replacement of dentin in response to trauma. It contains blood vessels that keep it moisturized and nourished. However, if the pulp of a tooth is damaged, it is still possible to save the tooth itself. This is done by removing the pulp through a process called root canal therapy. Here are some important facts about root canals:

– A root canal treatment is needed if the pulp of a tooth is infected, diseased, decayed, or if there is other damage.
– Although teeth are strong, blunt trauma and severe blows to your jaw can knock out multiple teeth or even seriously damage them down to the pulp, requiring a root canal treatment. Pulp can be damaged even if there is no visible damage to your tooth.
– Sometimes root canals are needed if a cavity has it infects the innermost layer of your tooth, where the pulp lies.
– Multiple treatments for a single tooth can eventually wear it down and cause pulp damage – especially if tooth enamel is removed for each procedure.

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