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Can mouthwash be as effective ad brushing and flossing? Sadly, the truth is no. Nothing can replace the awesome power displayed through brushing and flossing your teeth effectively. However, mouthwash is a wonderful service to add as a supplement to your ever-growing arsenal of oral health daily habits. Follow these guidelines when it comes to mouthwash:

– Always use a product that features the ADA Seal of Acceptance by the American Dental Association, and make sure the product is approved or recommended by your dentist.
– Look for a mouthwash that can perform the tasks you ask of it. Some types of mouthwash focus on the prevention of bad breath. Other types of mouthwash are used to whiten teeth. Still, others are primarily focused on the prevention of tooth decay, and may even contain fluoride.
– Mouthwash is highly effective at washing away harmful bacteria and neutralizing enamel-eating acids.
– Speak with your dentist before using any product to ensure it can work as advertised.
– Never let your bad oral health habits fall away. Mouthwash is never to be used as a replacement to brushing and flossing.

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